More carticatures

I always see those two guys in the middle! especially the one with the glasses. I try not to spend more than a few seconds on these. most of the time its just quick response so i can get down their personality. i dont like fleshed out caricatures or caricatures that take more than 30 seconds.

THREEZ (three min gestures)

Threez are good for cheese!


Had to ** out the comic name for safety reasons, i rushed through this just to test a few things out. i cheaped out in a lot of places lol

2 minute fun with pastels!

forgot to post this one!

lol ten second girl and someone else

oh i did it again with the cam... cropped the foot off sorry

Ya she has lame poses hahaha... i just really liked the hair


Concept numba twoz

yeh so yesterday i met with our the group to discuss film style n stuffff. i sketched a couple of things while we were talkin and came up with a more simplified/graphic approach to the potential look of our main character! whatdoya think G's?


Bottom two min gestures
Middle five min study
Top ten min fun

Catwoman Sketch

Gonna show a little process. dunno when i'll paint this but this is how i start a piece.... i actually start off by roughing out a few thumbnails of poses and compositions with a pen and then i do a sketch like this.

Coffee Film Character Concept

I kept telling myself i wasn't gonna post any original concepts on my blog but.... i guess i have no choice cuz its a group film and everyone's gonna see it anyways! The story's pretty cool, i came up with the film concept; A secretary has 30 seconds to bring her boss a coffee or she's fired! She has to make her way up to the 100th floor while other thirsty employees try to take the coffee from her.

Random Sketch

Just a fast sketch to update things around here

Tron Study

Ya so mr. tobiasz and I decided to do some compositional/color studies last night. heres one from tron.... we both struggled with the colors of the face! :s and mine looks a bit like ryan reynolds lol added one more, cuz i love olivia wilde


sorry for the foot crop with my camera on the 10 min lol