English 20 min painting thing i dunnno

Ya wanted to post this quickie cuz i thought it was coooooooo. its for art history and we gota do this storyboard thing a majig that has to be about an artist we've covered in class. i chose claude monet and basically this guy is bashing his work at a gallery, the second panel claude is like wtffff??!! lol took bout 20 min or so each

This Guy was Naked! :s

I like these last gestures............... the one at the top was backlit so i tried doin somethin a lil more atmospheric? bope

Some More Warm-ups

Gotta doodle before I do any kinda portfolio piece.... so heres my doodles! gonna post a lot of doods cuz I like em

Awesome model!

Had the wholeeee room to myself with the perfect lighting! this Model is awesome he does some really tarzan-ish poses. 5 and 10 min pose