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Reworked older poster.... RENDERED the F outta it lol
Print for AN 2012 and all the other cons you can think of 


YOKO! Commission and print for AN! I'll be at Anime North this weekend hopefully with some new stuff... if I can get around to it lol
I'll be sitting with my GF (Her Blog Link) at B04..... the table arrangements can be seen here Table Layout

sorryyyyy everyone who ordered a commission from me! been busy and things kept coming up! I promise you I'm on it though! Some of you I'll be getting a rendered out version like this free of charge simply because of the long wait! This here is a commission for someone who's been waiting a lifetime! :s

old life drawings

some are from last year....got nothing new and been really busy with moving and stuff so i wont be posting till probably next week :(