That's Soft

Oh so I've been having bad experiences with teachers lately, apparently i draw wrong. i make saturated lines.... wtf does that even mean? they're not saturated lines, they're "thick" lines... big difference, use correct terminology. And i think the person meant, desaturated not saturated. I really hate this program lol So theseeeeeeeee were totally different from what i normally do.... what do you think of this type of renderingggggg??? coooooo no? skipped out on the line drawing just to try this out. i guess next semester i'll combine my line with this rendering wayz

Wolverine Speedy

Didn't know what to do for this speed painting so i did mr. wovlerine.... any suggestions for tomorrow's?

Another 30 min speed

Ok so the other day I got my USB stolen when I left my seat for a few min... Who the heck steals a USB key?! They're like five bucks nowadays! Freakin jerk has all my stuff including portfolio stuff...

Russian girl wearing my jacket

Another Speedy!

30 min Poison Ivy speedy

redheads = o_O maybe i'll cean it up and blend it for a possible print next convention.... had to take a break from freaking school assignments...

A New Hope

These two drawings is me still trying out new procedures and ways of drawing. The second one i tried being as accurate as i could to really get the likeness. Sorry for the graininess of the paper.... stupid book store at school doesn't sell smooth newsprint anymore. So its harder to get nice gradients.

Mock Scene

Hey! I can cell shade toooooooo.... This is basically a finished rendering of what our film will look like in each frame

omg she sat in my chair :s

tens are for big fat hens drawn in pen
requested a ten at the very end and the girl sitting next me was all like hmppphhh huuffff pufffff so angry lol i dont know why.... tens are cool no?

My hand hurts...

fives are for guys

threez hurt my knees

ones are for fun

thirties look like birdies

always trying out new thingssss new ways of drawing, rendering and whatnot