tuts, Convention sketches n stuff

hey peeps, heres some convention sketches and some randoms. got some cheap tuts only cuz i dont really do tutorials but everynow and then i have some save-states snapshots on my desktop so i put em together.

Covers, Sketches, Cards, stuff, Big post

sketch of sonoshee i'll be posting a step by step sometime soon i just gotta find the snaps through all my junk on my desktop!

grass queen

nother paintover for a friend's portfolio for intern

been kinda sick… tryin to get passed a flu! :S

Udon SF Dust Jackets!

hey guys, as much requested this post is to show th sketches for the busts before rendering. as you can see, they change quite a bit from the initial stage after feedback and revision

Internal interns of the internships

Hey people of middle earth. these are quick sketches, reposed designs by some peeps applying for intern ;) just showing how it can be more dynamic


If only girls came in purple...

Somethin i did in december last year for Udon's WoW Tribute Book :D

Forgot to update this place! Warm up sketches!

The earthworm jim i did cuz i was working on something that i wanted to try out a retro color pallette so thats where that warm up came from. the little girl was just one of the many warm ups i do in the morning before actually working! most come out like crap which is why i only post one or two everynow and then lol The sonic wasn't a warm up it was just something that i found on my desktop and decided to finish

Is Time What it!?

Painted this up Last night. finally made it to season 5! as i said in my previous post, i didnt want to watch this show cuz i thought it was gonna be all derpy jokes that i wouldnt have enjoyed... after watching the first few episodes i really really hated the show. but then ...The Magic Maaaaannnnnn appeared!!!! Changed my freaken life forever and now i love the show. the characters got really funny and the story is great! fav characters are juice goose, bmo, jake and the magic man. who are yours??

Boy from Hell

Mornin sketch with a lil more effort lol

mornin fun

5 min sketchin..i usually do a couple of random drawings in the morning to loosen up before working.... most of em are on paper but every now and then i run outta lead and this happens lol i kept these fairly loose and unfinished especially bottom right cuz ive gotten requests for some progress work, so thats kinda what it looks like within a few seconds.  anyways, missing my little nephew and niece lately, thats where the top left kid came outta

oh on a side note, imma be taking down random sketches every so often to clean up my blog so if theres stuff missinnnn oh wells

ten tonesss of tonal ten

Nothing special, just some tonals.... found myself to be extremely slow... havent been able to go. i think ive went three times this whole semester and like 15 times in total last semester?? :(      these are ten min  one from this afternoon and the other is from like two weeks ago :s


Thanks to Eric Vedder for some great Critiques lately! this was somethin i did a while ago but only posted it now :s sorryyyy busy busy

Cammy white or black?

This will be an addition to the next Udon's Street Fighter Anthology

morning funny face sketching

some warm up doodles of this morning lol that fat face... back to work!

Udon Punk Rock

This pin-up was done for UDON 's Artist Pin-up book: Vol 1 which saw its debut at Kaigai Manga Festa in Tokyo last month. <- purely ripped that sentence straight from Chamba lol (his pinup is awesome, go see!)

hope you likess!


Late night Sketch with my Pal Mr. Maul

Rewatched episode 1 recenetly and was like mannnnnnnnnnnnnnn Darth maul is beast! so i did a sketch tonight