Internal interns of the internships

Hey people of middle earth. these are quick sketches, reposed designs by some peeps applying for intern ;) just showing how it can be more dynamic


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  1. I realize you’re a skilled artist and you put in the time and effort to achieve the skills and notoriety you currently possess. That said, I find it highly adversarial that you make posts on your blog with such terrible grammar as well as vague and dismissive descriptions of your artwork such as “the knight guy thing” or “dude jumping down” when in reality many of the artists and students applying for internship positions struggle to achieve the level of quality you blatantly display as mediocre or commonplace. These few pieces or “sketches” you’ve chosen to share on your blog are quite beautiful. Rather than elaborate on how they describe form, structure, attitude etc. you’ve chosen to simply display them with vague descriptions such as “knight guy thing”. This comes off as arrogant and completely uninformative to developing artists. Regardless of whether or not someone is trying to make it as a concept artist or any other type of artist it is of no help to throw an image in front of them with such a minimal description and condescending language.
    Scott Robertson is indeed an amazing designer but he is also 48 years old. Name dropping and putting students or interns to task at the same level as Scott is ridiculous. Many student artists look to you as an example and the example you’re setting with posts like these is completely derogatory and useless to 90% of them.

    1. Ok. If you send me something I'll gladly elaborate and explain everything I'm doing in a sketch. But sadly, right now I have no time to be posting tutorials, otherwise I would be doing it already. The people I'm addressing in this post are those with extensive training, specifically Sheridan students whom are at equal level to these sketches posted. The point I was trying to get across was that these guys are talented enough to make the same edits. I was commenting on the concept pieces they sent me, explaining how static poses could be made more dynamic.

      Also, name dropping is where you make yourself look better by association. So in case I wasn't being clear, Scott Robertson is someone I look up to, and anyone who wants to excel needs to look at people who are 100x more skilled than themselves and use them as a goal. Yes, he's got many years under his belt, but it doesn't mean that he didn't work hard when he was younger, and it doesn't mean that he wasn't as skilled then as he is now.

      I didn't appreciate being called arrogant from someone I don't know. Art is something fun, and I type the way I do because I'm reinforcing the fact that I'm having a great time drawing a "knight guy thing" and a "dude jumping down". I try to encourage this attitude, because it shows you can have tons of fun while busting your ass to achieve a good level of art.

      Again, this post was NOT to teach anyone anything about structure, form, or whatever. It was to inform you that I am willing to give feedback if you send me a message via Facebook, Email, Deviantart with a clip of the artwork you need help with. So, I apologize if this post offended you, and I wish you the best of luck in your future studies.

      And next time, you should definitely reconsider leaving comments on a blog that labels its comments icon as "farts", because he is for sure not taking anything he's writing seriously :)

    2. I am offended that this blog is making me look at FRENCH BUTTONS, James. FRENCH. I am ENGLISH and I only tolerate WELL WRITTEN ENGLISH posts with ENGLISH BUTTONS. I get enough French from cereal boxes. And Montreal. And enough bad english from the cantonese people I live with.

      My word. I'm leaving a fart.

  2. I like the way your write its easy for us artist to understand, I hate when people get all fancy pancy in there writing when it is not needed. The images speak for them selves I don't need some English major trying to describe to me how beautiful they are. This is the way most artist talk, it makes sense to type this way too. I mean what else would we call the knight thingy? does it have a name, how do i know its name?

  3. Screw everyone else!!! post for meeeeeee!!!!!!! i thrive on this shit! lol sick stuff JImbooooooo~
    lol I need to stop coming at you soo hyped xD stay away from my blog until february. I need to upload stuff. and don't want your eyes peering at ugly stuff thinking who is this guy lol
    later james

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