That's Soft

Oh so I've been having bad experiences with teachers lately, apparently i draw wrong. i make saturated lines.... wtf does that even mean? they're not saturated lines, they're "thick" lines... big difference, use correct terminology. And i think the person meant, desaturated not saturated. I really hate this program lol So theseeeeeeeee were totally different from what i normally do.... what do you think of this type of renderingggggg??? coooooo no? skipped out on the line drawing just to try this out. i guess next semester i'll combine my line with this rendering wayz

3 commentaires:

  1. Who's this teacher you are speaking of? let me have a word with him.

    And yo awesome man, your power level pretty much over 9000

  2. yoooo leonnnnn havent seen you in a while man! Hows it goin? gonna check out your boss artwork rightt nowww

  3. r u talkin about my life drawing teacher now? lool i heard ppl talking about that.
    but no worries man im a big fan of ur life drawing! keep it up.