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Alright so im getting back into the groove of things.... started going to life drawin, but im still warming up from a long summer of barely sketching.. most of these are around 30 sec or less. some are like 5 min poses that i redrew like twenty times in different approaches on separate sheets, so basically what im saying here is that these are my crap drawings where i was just doodling lol the last ones are an inclass practice where we drew our characters from our films in the poses the models were giving! and the last post of the anime girls are storyboard design roughs from my film! so to keep this post brief, my fourth year film is pretty much a retake on my third year film. when i pitched the apocalatte idea last year, i was kinda iffy in which i wanted to save the idea for fourth year lol so this year im kinda taking a new spin on it as well as making it super anime like i originally wanted! one of the reasons for making my film an anime is that anime is frowned upon by the animation staff at school, and i think they should be showing more of the awesomeness from japan in their lectures. Anime has been a huge influence on western cartoons for example, avatar/legend of korra! 

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  1. ^i didn't pay him to write that! lol
    btw you're crazy!!! i didn't do anything it was all you :P

  2. Your works are amazing. I'm join your site!